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Random Favourites

Baby Blues Part 1
“Uncle Reno!”
Reno was on his knees, arms open wide before the door even opened and the twin cannonballs came flying out the door of the Valentine-Highwind house. The combined force of the two year old twins crashed into Reno's chest and knocked him onto his back and left him surprisingly breathless as the duo bounced up and down on his chest.
“Happy birthday,” Reno wheezed.
In one swift motion, Rude was over him and scooped the twins up, one in each arm, and let them wrap their little arms around his neck. “Hi Uncle Rude,” Sierra giggled and kissed his cheek.
“Happy birthday, you two,” Rude chuckled as Elena appeared, seemingly from nowhere, and gave each of the twins a kiss.
“Aunt Elena!” Lucien whooped and threw himself out of Rude's arms to tackle Elena.
Sierra studied Elena curiously for a few moments before asking, in a way only a two year old can manage. “Hey! Why aren't you fat anymore?”
Rufus chuckled and, while Elena
:icongreatwtf:GreatWTF 20 25
Camera Shy
“Get that thing away from me, Reno.”
“But, Kadaj!” Reno whined in his best kicked puppy voice. Kadaj returned it with a steel-melting death glare that would have made Sephiroth think twice. Reno just grinned back. “Just one?” the Turk pleaded.
“Absolutely not! Those things steal your soul!”
the inhabitants of 7th Heaven, for the most part, ignored the bickering duo. For the last month, bets had been flying all around the bar as to how long it would take the two to end up in bed together. Now that the two had stopped trying to kill each other every time they crossed paths, the two actually got along surprisingly well. How, no one was quite sure. Reno was loud, rambunctious, crazy, and liked explosions just a little too much and Kadaj, while in his own way being prone to his own brand of insanity, was for the most part a very quiet and brooding young man and, if nothing else, had a decided hatred for loud noises and bright flashes.
Even so, it was
:icongreatwtf:GreatWTF 9 17
Lucien Valenwind woke, unsurprised, to the familiar sound of his father shouting at the top of his lungs. The sound was very much becoming his alarm clock. Rubbing his eyes, he grabbed the stuffed chocobo that Reno had given him for his birthday and made his way downstairs to see if he could keep his sister from destroying something. He had been feeling a bit useless since Loz had joined the family. Turned out Sierra's new best friend was also a pretty talented cook once he got the hang of it, and definitely with Vincent's supervision. So, instead, Lucien kept himself busy the only way he could, keeping his troublesome twin sister from finding a new way to blow Rocket Town up or seriously injuring some poor local boy who was dumb enough to say she was pretty.
Honestly, he could not get Sierra's logic on that last one. She was pretty... in a little tomboy with dirt smudges sort of way, but it was there, especially her eyes. And she didn't mind when Lucien told her, but for some r
:icongreatwtf:GreatWTF 9 23
Sebas-chan by mazoku-chan Sebas-chan :iconmazoku-chan:mazoku-chan 37 24 5000 kiraban 2 by animama 5000 kiraban 2 :iconanimama:animama 188 141 5000 kiraban 3 by animama 5000 kiraban 3 :iconanimama:animama 174 92 5000 kiraban 4 by animama 5000 kiraban 4 :iconanimama:animama 191 137 5000 kiraban 5 by animama 5000 kiraban 5 :iconanimama:animama 166 94 OMG CUTE CHARACTER SWITCH by NightShade-Kaos OMG CUTE CHARACTER SWITCH :iconnightshade-kaos:NightShade-Kaos 37 52 Prostate Exam by bunnitake Prostate Exam :iconbunnitake:bunnitake 84 20
Kissing games
Title: Kissing games
Author: Enide Dear
Pairing: ….I went there. CidxSephiroth, Valenwind
Rating: Pretty cute
Summary: How could Cid and Sephiroth possibly end up together…. From a logical time perspective, this makes little sense, I’m afraid. Then again, from a logical time perspective, the Remnants are two years old, so….
Author’s note: Maybe Sephiroth will forgive me for the squid now?
Sephiroth was used to sneak attacks, back attacks, double attacks, feint attacks, unexpected attacks – it was the essential part of his training as well as an inbred quality to his person.
Maybe that was why he was so taken off guard by the frontal attack.
It happened in the huge dining hall shared by all ShinRa employees; Turks, Soldiers, desk workers, pilots, lower executives, assistants and professors from the science department and many more. Right there, in bright daylight, in front of everyone.
With so many people coming and going the General registered but didn
:iconenide-dear:Enide-Dear 53 97
Here Kitty, Kitty, Kitty
Upon walking though the front door of Seventh Heaven Bar, Reno was greeted by the sudden angry shouts of Cid Highwind.
“God dammit, boy! Git down from there now!”
Reno’s brow creased in thought. Uh-oh…who was Cid pissed off at this time?
The redhead strode cautiously towards the kitchen, where the source of all the commotion was coming from. Pushing the door open, Reno was met with a rather odd sight.
Pots and pans were strewn everywhere, from the floor to the countertops. The long table was tipped over onto its side, and chairs were scattered. Shattered dishes and glass crunched under Reno’s boots as he walked. The room was a complete wreck. It looked as if a tornado had run through it.
Yazoo, Loz, Vincent and Tifa were busy occupying themselves with cleaning up the wreckage, while Cid stood staring up at the top of the fridge, arms crossed, cigarette hanging from his lips, and a disapproving snarl across his features.
“Cid?” Reno asked, hopping over
:iconphantom-chick:Phantom-Chick 56 74
Bat out of Hell 3 of 3
Title: Bat out of Hell 3 of 3
Author: Enide Dear
Rating: some foul language
Pairing: Valenwind, ChaosxReno, some very mild Remnantcest and some RenoxRude if you put your head to one side and squint
Summary: Chaos and Reno makes a deal, but both might get more than they bargained for
Fic commissioned by Backstagesins Thank you so much! *bows*
Reno and Chaos laughed so hard they could barely fly, alternating between taking swigs of vodka – the strawberry taste really grew on you – and remembering to flap the wings.
“Oh man, who should we play with next?” Reno wiped his eyes. “I know! Let’s find Cloud! I wanna see if that gravity defying hair of his can withstand a mach 3 flight...”
A huge chopper suddenly rose out of nowhere, forcing Reno to wheel back and hover in surprise. He recognised the helicopter immediately, and not just because of the ShinRa logotype on the side.
“Hey, that’s my chopper, yo!” He shouted over the swirl of the roto
:iconenide-dear:Enide-Dear 20 28
Bat out of Hell 2 of 3
Title: Bat out of Hell 2 of 3
Author: Enide Dear
Rating: some foul language
Pairing: Valenwind, ChaosxReno, some very mild Remnantcest and some RenoxRude if you put your head to one side and squint
Summary: Chaos and Reno makes a deal, but both might get more than they bargained for
Fic commissioned by Backstagesins Thank you so much! *bows*
When they approached their prey, Chaos could feel the host’s excitement plummet. Turk or not, Reno was not looking forward to killing this man in cold blood; he’d do his job, but he didn’t have to like it. Chaos got some vague explanation, the host reading some report about children missing only to be found later, horribly mutilated, a certain man needing to be disposed of to end the senseless murders. But black words on white paper was one thing; doing the deed in real life quite another. Chaos, of course, didn’t care about whatever moral reasons there were for this man to die.
*I can do it for you, host.* Chaos sent as they la
:iconenide-dear:Enide-Dear 15 21
Bat out of Hell 1 of 3
Title: Bat out of Hell 1 of 3
Author: Enide Dear
Rating: some foul language
Pairing: Valenwind, ChaosxReno, some very mild Remnantcest and some RenoxRude if you put your head to one side and squint
Summary: Chaos and Reno makes a deal, but both might get more than they bargained for
Fic commissioned by :iconbackstagesin: Thank you so much! *bows*
Chaos was homesick. It was an odd feeling for a demon, and not one that could be easily explained by human terms. For one thing, what he missed wasn’t a physical place – Hell was noisy at best, and, frankly, very smelly – but a state of mind. His current host was all about control, no excesses of any kind and rigorous mental safety measures to ensure that the demons didn’t get loose.
Chaos missed the wild side of life, mayhem and life on the edge, missed taking outrageous chances and, damn it, chaos.
But his host was a prude and there was nothing the demon could do about it. Yes, there where fighting and adventures at time,
:iconenide-dear:Enide-Dear 21 18
Title: Wiggle
Author: Enide Dear
Pairing: Valenwind, CidxHellmasker
Rating: Cute
Author’s note:  For Misu, who won the 6 666 kiriban and wanted Valenwind with the prompt ‘wiggle’ Hope you like it dear! :D
Living together in a group such as Avalanche meant that sometimes, by accident or not so much accident, you were bound to walk in on your team mates in less than decent situation. It kind of came with the way they all camped together or shared rooms in inns together and generally just spent all the hours of both day and night together.
But really, Tifa thought, this was where she drew the line. It was her damn bar, and she could put her foot down here at least.
It had started with some suspicious noise coming from Cid and Vincent’s room – well, not that suspicious perhaps, considering the amount of alcohol they had both been downing last night and the rather shameless snuggling that had followed. Then there had been about two seconds worth of silence
:iconenide-dear:Enide-Dear 43 59



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