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Bat out of Hell 2 of 3
Title: Bat out of Hell 2 of 3
Author: Enide Dear
Rating: some foul language
Pairing: Valenwind, ChaosxReno, some very mild Remnantcest and some RenoxRude if you put your head to one side and squint
Summary: Chaos and Reno makes a deal, but both might get more than they bargained for
Fic commissioned by Backstagesins Thank you so much! *bows*
When they approached their prey, Chaos could feel the host’s excitement plummet. Turk or not, Reno was not looking forward to killing this man in cold blood; he’d do his job, but he didn’t have to like it. Chaos got some vague explanation, the host reading some report about children missing only to be found later, horribly mutilated, a certain man needing to be disposed of to end the senseless murders. But black words on white paper was one thing; doing the deed in real life quite another. Chaos, of course, didn’t care about whatever moral reasons there were for this man to die.
*I can do it for you, host.* Chaos sent as they la
:iconenide-dear:Enide-Dear 15 21
Bat out of Hell 1 of 3
Title: Bat out of Hell 1 of 3
Author: Enide Dear
Rating: some foul language
Pairing: Valenwind, ChaosxReno, some very mild Remnantcest and some RenoxRude if you put your head to one side and squint
Summary: Chaos and Reno makes a deal, but both might get more than they bargained for
Fic commissioned by :iconbackstagesin: Thank you so much! *bows*
Chaos was homesick. It was an odd feeling for a demon, and not one that could be easily explained by human terms. For one thing, what he missed wasn’t a physical place – Hell was noisy at best, and, frankly, very smelly – but a state of mind. His current host was all about control, no excesses of any kind and rigorous mental safety measures to ensure that the demons didn’t get loose.
Chaos missed the wild side of life, mayhem and life on the edge, missed taking outrageous chances and, damn it, chaos.
But his host was a prude and there was nothing the demon could do about it. Yes, there where fighting and adventures at time,
:iconenide-dear:Enide-Dear 21 18
Title: Wiggle
Author: Enide Dear
Pairing: Valenwind, CidxHellmasker
Rating: Cute
Author’s note:  For Misu, who won the 6 666 kiriban and wanted Valenwind with the prompt ‘wiggle’ Hope you like it dear! :D
Living together in a group such as Avalanche meant that sometimes, by accident or not so much accident, you were bound to walk in on your team mates in less than decent situation. It kind of came with the way they all camped together or shared rooms in inns together and generally just spent all the hours of both day and night together.
But really, Tifa thought, this was where she drew the line. It was her damn bar, and she could put her foot down here at least.
It had started with some suspicious noise coming from Cid and Vincent’s room – well, not that suspicious perhaps, considering the amount of alcohol they had both been downing last night and the rather shameless snuggling that had followed. Then there had been about two seconds worth of silence
:iconenide-dear:Enide-Dear 43 59
Puppy Love
Title: Puppy love
Author: Enide Dear
Pairing: Galian/Cid, Valenwind
Rating: drabble
Warnings: Demon love
Dedicated to: whoever wants to draw me a Galian Puppy!
Author’s note: First Chaos and now Galian. Maybe I should write Hellmasker and Death Gigas as well! Lol!
Damn it, it was time to quit smoking, Cid thought groggily as sleep slowly let go of him. There was a heavy weight on his chest, making it hard to breath. Cursing his bad habits he coughed a bit and opened his eyes to the dark room.
Only to stare in to a pair of purple-red eyes, not two inches from his face.
Squawking with fright at the sudden appearance, Cid trashed, but was held down firmly as the body sitting on him also used his blanket to keep him trapped.
“Vincent, what the Hell?” Cid tried to break free, but no such luck.
Vincent made a purring sound of content and rubbed his head against Cid’s chin and throat, silky black hair tickling the vulnerable skin.
“Vince?” Cid asked carefully as
:iconenide-dear:Enide-Dear 56 85
Mature content
Chaos' theory :iconenide-dear:Enide-Dear 53 79
Fun Fair
Title: Fun Fair
Author: Enide Dear
Rating: cute
Pairing: Valenwind, brotherly love that is not Remnantcest
Warning: Cid is a bit slow, Vincent is in love, the girls get burned, Reeve obsesses with dolls, Loz is crying, Yazoo is angry and Kadaj ate too much cotton candy. And seriously, you can often win smoked eels at stalls in Sweden. I kid you not.
Avalanche never did find out what proceeded the little ‘incident’, All they heard were a crash, a bang, the sound of Cid falling down the stairs and enough loud and inventive swearing to set the house on fire. There where nothing for it but to rush the captain away to the hospital and get his broken leg fixated in a cast and no one had time to find the source of his tripping.
Cid, in return, blamed his clumsiness on everything from a slippery spot of Cloud’s ultra-strong hair gel, to Reeve’s stuffed toys being spread around the house, to Tifa spilling alcohol on purpose, to Yuffie dropping materia balls everywhere, to Na
:iconenide-dear:Enide-Dear 38 69
Shower songs
Title: Shower song
Author: Enide Dear
Rating: Nc – 17 implied gayness
Pairing: Cid/Vincent, doh!
Summary: Drabble, again
Authors' note: I sing in the shower. As should everyone else, damn it!
Feedback: Will be adored and squeed over
“Oh, give me a hoooooomeeeee, where the chocoboes roooooooaaaaam,” The baritone voice boomed across Highwind, where the metal hull created a wonderful echo, and reached the small kitchenette where Barret and Cloud buried their rather green – tinged faces in their hands and tried to stop their ears with their fingers.
“Could he *please* just shut up?!” Cloud groaned.
“How the Hell come he doesn’t have a hang-over from yesterday?!” Barret grumbled. “He drank easily twice as much as anyone of us!”
“Years of practice, I guess,” Tifa smiled at her companions; the boys night out drinking yesterday had resulted in Cloud throwing up over the reeling, Barret found passed out on a couch, Cid being in a
:iconenide-dear:Enide-Dear 45 65
Commission for Onyx by animama Commission for Onyx :iconanimama:animama 484 128 Szayel x Nnoitora Mpreg Meme by Karijn
Mature content
Szayel x Nnoitora Mpreg Meme :iconkarijn:Karijn 557 218
Happy Family by Karijn Happy Family :iconkarijn:Karijn 200 70 BLEACH - Happy Halloween by VeeBunny
Mature content
BLEACH - Happy Halloween :iconveebunny:VeeBunny 365 45



The Art of Bitching
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